Suspension Bridge at Regency

Regency Suspension bridge

Regency & Beveridge Bridges: Two miles northwest of San Saba on China Creek Road (1/2 mile north of the wedding oak) the San Saba River is spanned by the Swinging Bridge or “Beveridge Bridge” as it is known locally. This is one of the few remaining swinging bridges in Texas. It is one lane with a timber floor.This area’s first Colorado River Bridge was at Regency on the San Saba County Line. Built in 1903 the Regency Suspension Bridge served local farmers and rancher when going to market, but fell in 1924. Its successor was demolished by a 1936 flood. With 90 percent of the work completed by hand; the Regency suspension bridge was re-erected in 1939. Bypassed by paved farm roads, it now survives as one of the last suspension bridges in Texas and is a popular tourist stop. This is a fun day trip for our guest, take a picnic and enjoy the Texas backroads.