Filled Biscuits; Star of Texas Bed and Breakfast

Wow, I love semi-homemade, and sometimes here at Star of Texas Bed and Breakfast I have come up with some great ideas to make mornings a little easier, so here is a quick way to make some wonderful morning biscuits and doesn’t take alot of time.  I start with a can of the fluffy buttermilk biscuits, pull them into 2 parts.  Spray a muffin tin, place 1/2 the biscuit in the muffin tin up the sides, now fill it with whatever you like, jelly and butter, fruit, even cheese and cooked crumbled sausage is great. Now take the other 1/2 and place it on top of the bottom and seal the edges with your fingers.  I like to kinda scrunch up the top as it cooks really neat looking too.  Bake them according to the can directions and serve hot, guest love them and they are so tasty.  I usually coordinate the filling with what ever other dish I am serving that morning like a Spanish quiche.  enjoy!

Don and Deb
Star of Texas Bed and Breakfast,