Dutch Baby Pancakes; Texas Hill Country Bed and Breakfast

I love making Dutch baby pancakes here at Star of Texas Bed and Breakfast. Right now I am serving them up with fresh sausage and Agave glazed nectarines and peaches. You can top them with any of your favorite fruits, syrups, creams or what ever stirs your taste buds.  I have found that making them with a 2% milk makes them even lighter and they rise way over the pans.  So find below my recipe and enjoy them at home, or come visit our Texas Hill country bed and breakfast and we’ll serve em up to you.


puff pancakes

mix this up for each pancake you bake.                           
1/3 cup flour
1 egg
1/3 cup milk (2% is good)
1 teaspoon vanilla
melt a tablespoon of butter in a ramekin dish that is about 4″ across, mix together the ingredients and then poor over the melted butter, return to the oven that is set at 350 degrees, and bake about 30 minutes, they will start to rise and puff up really tall, once you take them out of the oven and place them on a plate they will fall and leave a nice hole to fill with your favorite toppings.  enjoy!

Don and Deb
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