Texas Wildflowers; Wildflower Trail; Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast

bluebonnet plants ready to bloom
Bluebonnet plants ready to produce beautiful flowers
wild plum blooms
wild plum trees along the road and trail

At Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast, on the Texas wildflower trail, we are going to have an incredible year for wildflowers.  The wonderful winter rains have given the ground just what it needed to birth forth lots of bluebonnet plants, that will be bursting open any time with oceans of blue flowers.
Also, the Wild plum trees are in bloom and it smells so sweet, that when you take a walk on the trail and get a whiff of them, you stop and take several more deep inhales to enjoy the aroma. Some of the native plants are blooming now too. So make plans to come enjoy the beauty of the Texas back roads from Spring thru Summer for the Wildflower season.

Don & Deb
Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast; Texas lodging on the Wildflower trail.