Texas Wine Trail loop from Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast

Wedding Oak wine bottle


 There are lots of Texas wine trails across the state and it would take weeks to visit them all.  I have decided to put together my own Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast Wine Trail to send our guest to the wineries within a close drive of us.  This trail can be driven in a full day or over 2 days or you can just pick and choose which ones to go to.  It actually makes a loop trail so all roads lead back to Star of Texas B&B in Brownwood. I have also created a Google map of this trail so you can print off the directions and easily follow the map. So here we go on our Wine loop trail.

     First let me send you to Comanche to Brennan Vineyards, from there you will take a country road scenic drive to Goldwaithe and on to Lampassas where you can stop by Pillar Bluff Vineyards and Texas Legatto Winery  right down the road from each other.  Now for another fun country drive that will take you to Bend and Alamosa Wine Cellars, head back north west and you will stop in San Saba at the Wedding Oak Winery.  So from there you are really pooped or looped so time to head back to Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast.  Each of these wineries offer tastings and most are open Wednesday thru Sunday, so you will want to check each of there sights to be able to plan out a fun trip. So here’s to you and happy sipping!
The Morelocks

Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast, Brownwood