The Perfect Romantic Texas Getaway

I was doing a little study on what people expect for a perfect romantic getaway and was pretty happy to find out that we offer each of the six main things that couples want. So here you go…..

A lovely setting... We offer wonder cottages that are set in a beautiful Texas Hill Country hillside. Each cottage has it’s own personality, some folks love nature, so the Oak Cottage would be their choice, for others the very romantic Wildrose Retreat takes the cake with a jacuzzi tub for two surrounded by mirrors and a private hot tub outside.

A quiet room.… Since we are nestled on 20 acres of private and secluded land, we are able to offer the peacefulness of no highway traffic, cop cars and all the other sounds found in a busy setting, this means a good nights sleep with no bright lights blaring in your window.

Appealing decor…. Well each cottage is different and has something to offer to each of you with the taste you like. Our cottages are cozy and uncluttered. Comfortable beds and sitting areas inside and out.

chocolate dipped strawberries

A private breakfast.…We deliver breakfast to your cottage each morning around 9am, can’t get more private than that. Or, you can send us a text and say, “We’d like to sleep in, no breakfast”.

Adult atmosphere….We are an adult b&b, and like for all our guest to have a break from their kids. Every one needs a kid break, right? 

A romantic package… Our packages are all created for setting the mood and enjoying the private time with each other, from a “Do Not Disturb” or Spa or even a Texas elopement ceremony, we have something for everyone.  Can’t decide which, then the Romance Bundle will take care of that and it has it all.


So there is what the check list said,and here is how we can help you have the Perfect Romantic Texas Getaway.

Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast, Texas Hill Country Romantic Getaway  Text me with questions: 325-998-4991