Why have an Intimate Wedding

It is becoming very popular for couples to choose a small Intimate Wedding with just a few guest in attendance. There are several reasons why they choose to do so.  First off the cost of putting on a large wedding any more has gotten a little out there, you can almost buy a car or starter home for what some people pay for their weddings.
But I think most importantly couples have decided they want to keep it simple and be able to enjoy the ceremony and celebration without all the big fanfare. A large wedding can be exhausting, where a small intimate gathering is relaxed and much less stressful.
Some couples opt for small weddings and then have a large reception at a later date, to “get the party on”! Where they can be more relaxed and enjoy the fun with lots of friends and family.                                         

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We love doing the Intimate weddings here at Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast because, we take the stress off the family and do the planning and preparation for them. Couples and families rave about how organized, yet very personal we take every wedding here. If you are planning a wedding in the future, please look over our elopement and Intimate weddings packages. Give us a call or email and let’s plan a beautiful memorable day for you.

Deb   Intimate Texas Weddings, Brownwood, TX