Herbs for Breakfast

I love using fresh herbs in breakfast dishes.  There are so many ways you can add a great splash of flavor to your breakfast by using fresh or dried herbs.  I have 3 favorite herbs to cook with, rosemary, basil and mints.  I grow rosemary all over our yard so I have plenty to use year round, my basil is grown in the veggie garden and only last till cold weather hits and I have about 10 different varieties of mints that grow in pots and most of them last year round also.
I have to admit, I don’t follow recipes much, but I learned to follow my nose.  I learned that if you combine two herbs by smelling them together, that if it is a good smell, it will be a good taste. I love to combine citrus, dried or fresh zest with many herbs for breakfast also.   I have a basic biscuit recipe that makes super fluffy ones, and I love to mix and match different herbs in them to add flavor to enhance the smell, sight and taste of these biscuits.  
I also love to add herbs to eggs, one of my favorites is Rosemary cream cheese eggs, that I came up with when we first opened the b&b.  Simply add fresh snipped rosemary to the eggs and a few dollops of cream cheese right at the end and keep them at a soft scramble, they melt in your mouth.
If you love to cook and can have a few herb plants, then please try

herbs growing in pots

your hand at cooking with herbs in your breakfast.  If you come up with a good combination, please share with me. Happy cooking.

enjoy, Deb