Butterflies in my Garden

With Spring finally arriving here in the Texas Hill country, I am so looking forward to butterflies coming too.  Since I have 4 outside cats, it’s a little hard for me to feed the birds, you know what I mean! So, I choose to feed the butterflies and provide for their safe habitat to raise the babies here.  
I started planting flowers and native plants that they love and it is starting to pay off.  There are extensive plant list so I won’t bother you with listing them here.  I do want to share a fun idea for making nectar feeders for them.

glass butterfly feeder

Our guest drink a lot of wine here and so we are always looking for ideas to use those bottles so they don’t go in the trash.  So, I picked a favorite blue one, hit the junk stores  and came up with some cheap pieces of glass to add color and texture for these little feeders.  Once I decided on which ones to put together, I then used silicone caulk since it dries clear and is water proof and just started building from the bottom up.  Then you take a simple nylon kitchen scrubby and place in the bowl on the top and keep nectar in it for them.   My research said 1 part sugar to 10 parts water and they will feed all summer.  So here is my first little creation and we shall see how it all goes. Try your hand at it, it’s a great kids project too. For now, happy gardening and my your flowers ever bloom. enjoy!


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