Why stay at a B&B instead of a hotel

bathroom with tub in the Wildrose

   Many things have changed over the years and one of those changes is the bed & breakfast industry and what we offer.  The majority of b&b’s were originally started in the Northern states, they were in a large home with many bed rooms but maybe only 2 bathrooms and so you had to share a bath, share the hall way and be very quiet since the rooms were not insulated for noise. They were decorated with lace and tea cups and lots of floral wallpaper.
   Things have changed drastically since then. Yes some of those b&b’s still exist, but for the majority we have changed.  Now you can expect a quiet room with a private bath, you may still be in a large house or not. But you have much more privacy.
   Now about that breakfast part,  I for one am a stickler, if I don’t get a full hot breakfast, then I won’t stay!  To me that is the draw to where I want to stay.  I’m not into lace so those rooms never get my attention, and if that is all they have to offer, I move to the next site to see what they offer.
   I think we are very different here at Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast, since we offer private cottages and you get a full hot breakfast delivered to your cottage.  I for one am not a big morning person and don’t really care to socialize at that time of the morning, just give me a cup of coffee and a quiet porch to wake up on.  
   If you have always stayed away from b&b’s because of the old style of things, I hope you will check out the option of a “Better Way to Stay”.   I think you will find it a great option and maybe even get hooked on the b&b lifestyle.

Deb, enjoy!
Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast