Why Elope at our Texas Bed & Breakfast


the word love written with Scrabble letters

We love to do elopements here at Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast, why you ask?  We love the intimate setting that is created with our guest and getting to know them more personal helps us to make their wedding ceremony very special.  We take care in preparing the different locations that they can choose to have as the ceremony site, then the bouquet is fresh made, Becca makes and decorates the cutest little wedding cake for them and Don prepares the vows that have lots of meaning to the couple. 

We believe that each couple needs special attention, from helping her with her dress to keeping a special surprise ring made as a secret until time to put it on.  Each couple is unique to us.  We have all ages and from new loves to  couples that are marrying a second time, this time to their high school sweetheart.

If you have been thinking about a private intimate wedding, and it’s just the two of you, we call it an elopement, and we would love to make your day special and private for the two of you. See our packages for all the details.

Deb    enjoy!
Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast