Romantic Getaway in Texas..the Wildrose

Wildrose tub that is a 70 gallon soaking tub with mirrors on the wall around it. We have so many guest looking for romantic getaways, and so I wanted to share with you one of our most popular cottages. The Wildrose Retreat, was a little house that was built in 1908, it had gotten to the point that the owners were going to tear it down because it was in such bad shape. I happened on to her one afternoon and visited with the owner about her. He said he would sell her to me, so I rushed to find a house mover to move her from town to 4 miles out in the country on our 20 acres. We had to take off the roof, cut the peaks an lay them inside the house to make the move. Now we live down a country lane that is 15 feet wide at it’s smallest spot, and yes the little house was 14’7″ wide. But the house movers got her all in place and the remodel began. We turned what use to be a bedroom into a large bathroom with a 70 gallon soaking tub surrounded by mirrors. The bedroom went up into what use to be an attic and Don forged a beautiful iron rail to go up the stair case. He says it’sromantic Texas getaways “The Stairway to Heaven”. With it’s private porch that has an outdoor hot tub, it makes for the perfect romantic getaway at our Texas bed & breakfast. Check out all she has to offer, and with Valentines right around the corner, maybe you should come be our guest.


enjoy! deb

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  1. My husband and I eloped at your bed and breakfast and spent our honeymoon in the Wildrose. We couldn’t have imagined anything more perfect. Thank you for sharing the history behind the house. It makes our memories there that much more special! Can’t wait to come stay with y’all again!

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