Toasting Breads for Breakfast

english muffin toasting breadI have to say, that the bread part of breakfast seems to be very important to most people who enjoy a good hearty breakfast.  I love making everything from biscuits from scratch to hearty english muffin toasting bread.  I very seldom do a plain biscuit, as I tend to add in herbs, spices and cheese to give it a most savory flavor.  On the other hand, a good toasting bread, needs to be dense and toast up to a beautiful golden brown finish where the butter is bubbling in the center.

I would be curious to know, what is your favorite breakfast bread? Sweet or savory, dense of fluffy?  Fruity or herby?  Let me know your thoughts.

enjoy! deb

1 thought on “Toasting Breads for Breakfast

  1. Yummmmm, I got hungry reading this blog post. I love herby breads but not so much for breakfast. I prefer a breakfast bread to be dense and savory. Brings me back to my grandmothers homemade biscuits. The denseness seems to provide a good substance for butter to melt on. 🙂 hoped that helped

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