The Passion behind Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast

PASSION…… As an innkeeper we spend countless hours cleaning, washing, folding, ironing, preparing menus, studying what our guest would love.  We worry if they liked the meals, are they happy with the rooms?  An unending list of things that we want to make right so our guest have the best experience they can.

So why do we do it you ask?  After all who likes cleaning potties, especially if it’s not yours!!!!

Well, it’s the stories that our guest leave us in the journals that make it all worth while. We get lot’s of great reviews on the web, but the real stories are in the journals.  Just this last month, guest that are battling cancer, those that shared, it was a last effort at saving their marriage, and they spent hours talking and playing games since we didn’t have a TV in the room, they left smiling.  Women by themselves grieving over a recent death of a friend. And the stories go on and on and on.

I always read each journal entry in every room, some entries make me laugh so hard and others bring me to my knees in tears for their sharing what they do.  I have been doing this 16 years and my passion grows stronger each day with this incredible opportunity to serve people in the way we do.  I pray for strong health and sound mind, that I can continue this great journey into my old age, oh yeah, I’m 60, so into an older age.

enjoy! debGuest journals, journaling