Texas Chaplain Enriches Your Elopement

Eloping is becoming very popular in Texas and all over. People don’t think of it like we use to, where the young kids run off and don’t tell their parents!  We do elopement ceremonies for all ages, some first time marriage, some a second.  The elopement is better than just going to the local JP and in a courtroom somewhere.  Why not go out into a beautiful setting and have a ceremony that will have memories for you.

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Don, is a Senior Chaplain, with Chaplain Fellowship Ministeries. He loves doing the ceremonies and puts much passion into each ceremony.  There have been times, when he has had to stop and share a tear with the couple because it has been such a touching ceremony. He loves spending time with each couple and making this a very special wedding day for them. With the vows that we have created for our couples, we hear over and over how perfect they were for them. Take those words, Don’s compassionate voice and you have a ceremony that you will remember.

We find that the couples we marry tend to come back for anniversary or other celebrations. It seems that the close time we spent with them on the ceremony makes us more like family and not just guest.  We love what we do here at Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast, and offering our Texas elopement packages are a passion that we love to share. If you are thinking about marriage, let’s talk about your plans.

enjoy! Don & Deb

One thought on “Texas Chaplain Enriches Your Elopement

  1. Hi, good evening. My fiancé and I have been thinking about eloping the past year… For one my parents are very old fashioned and somewhat judgemental, so I know they wouldn’t be ready to support us in a big wedding. And on another note, we want to get married for the two of us and our future, so we don’t feel the need to spend thousands of dollars to and feel like we are doing it for everyone else. I looked through the rooms and think the Wild Rose Retreat would be a very romantic one for a “honey moon” retreat. I was wondering if one night would be enough? I was thinking we could check in, get ready, have the elopement ceremony and then have a romantic dinner together. If so, I would love to book a room and elopement ceremony for any openings in May.
    Thank you for your time.
    Marilyn and Victor

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