Renew your Vows at Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast

How many years have you been married?  When was the last time you thought about your wedding vows and what they really mean?  Do you think you have both changed and need to renew your vows?   Wow, I’m getting nosy aren’t I?

We do lots of Vow Renewals and it’s always such a special time to have couples recommit to each other by saying vows again that have a lot of meaning. Don & I wrote these vows and they seem to be very meaningful to the couples who do the Vow renewal. It is always a special time for us to help reaffirm the couples love for each other.

There have been some pretty emotional ceremonies when we were all crying, but most of the time it is just a precious time for them to reconnect on a new level.  Some have only been married a few years, where others almost 40.  It doesn’t matter how long you have been married.  What does matter, is that you want to state again to each other that you are committed and care for each other and will still be there through whatever life bring your way.

We hope you will consider doing a Vow Renewal in the close future and we hope you will choose to allow us to lead you through this very precious time.  We offer a simple Vow Renewal ceremony and you get to choose the location on our property and then have another honeymoon in the cottage of your choice.  Come set aside time for each other.

Don & Deb  enjoy!Vow renewal ceremony, renew vows, wedding renewal