Snugglin’ at our Texas Hill Country B&B

romantic Texas getaway, Texas hill countryWell, I can’t say I am excited for winter to get here, but we need cold weather to make all things in nature work properly. ┬áThe Oak’s are starting to turn, the sumac is becoming red and the deer are filling up on an abundance of acorns.

Each of our cottages has it’s own personal outdoor hot tub, and we keep them heated through out the winter so that you will stay toasty warm. The winter sky from a hot tub just seams to be more clear and stars seem to shine much brighter.

Most cottages have outdoor fire pits, so you can either gather fire wood on our property or stop at the local gas station down the road and grab a bundle from them. It’s always so nice to sit around a toasty warm fire on a cold night. Might even want to bring along those Smore’s fixins’ too.

Our guest always tell us how cozy and romantic their stay has been, so if you are looking for a romantic Texas getaway or want to come elope, then please check out our wonderful packages we offer to add to your stay. Here’s to winter and long cozy nights.

enjoy! Deb