Bed & Breakfast….Really?

We love to travel and stay with other b&b owners in Texas and other states.  When we start planning a trip, that is the first thing we look for after we have decided where we might want to go.  One of our biggest things is getting a full breakfast, it’s a must have for us.  Well, it seems that there are many out there who don’t do breakfast anymore, but give you a certificate to go eat somewhere else.  Really?

We  take great steps in planning out and preparing a wonderful, tasty, hot and beautiful breakfast for our guest each morning of their stay.  We use our own farm fresh eggs, milk from our neighbors cows, and try our best to use organic fruits when we can.  We like to make our guest go, “Oh, that looks so good!”

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We usually make a savory breakfast for them one morning and a sweet the next, some days they get a mix of both on the same plate.  If you love breakfast, then you will love what we have to offer you here at Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast. So come to the Texas hill country for a romantic getaway and let us serve you a delightful breakfast to tickle your taste buds.

enjoy!  deb