Romance in the Garden

As sprout breaks forth pushing it’s way through the winter leaf fall, my heart leaps to see the signs of Spring.  You see, I am a farm girl, and my love of growing things and digging my hands deep into hearty soil is like a romance to me.Garden romance

The smell of fresh dirt, just turned to prepare beds for spring planting, sweet fragrance of mint ready to place in the hole freshly dug, and colors of first blooms are a sweet romance. My heart is at peace when I am in the garden. I believe God knew exactly what we needed when he set Adam and Eve in the garden.  They say, walking in a garden or outdoors every day can drastically lower your stress level.  I feel it, I experience the calming as I push my hands down into the soil that I have so tended over the winter to make fresh organic matter.  I sense a release of stress smelling sweet fragrances, and I draw near to my own heart with joy as I see the beauty of the ornaments that grow in my garden.

Garden dirtIt is a delight to tend the garden daily and a pleasure to come and pick fresh herbs and onions and tomatoes to cook with.  How I love making those breakfast dishes for my guest with fresh organic grown produce and it is a thing of shear delight to crack open the beautiful fresh eggs that my chickens produce for me daily.Garden

If you have never experienced this delight, come and stay with us, I will let you tend the garden, gather eggs and breath in the beauty this sweet life has to offer.

enjoy! deb