The Romantic Getaway, a Gift

As dark gives way to first ray, my eyes gently open to another beautiful sunrise. As I stretch and breath crisp air in, my heart is yet grateful for another day of gifts of grace.

coffee, getaways, porch sittingWhat do I have to offer this day? Can my gifts give joy or laughter? Do my acts of love bring peace and contentment?

For this day, the work I love of baking warm scones, cracking open fresh gathered eggs and the senses coming alive with sizzling bacon.


breakfast, biscuits

home made biscuits for guest breakfast

For my guest today, I offer them quietness together for a romantic getaway…..trays of fresh sliced cheese, glittering grapes and the flow of wine.

May my gifts today offer them all they need for time together, snuggles & bubbling hot tubs, porch sitting and strolls in nature.

May the gifts I offer, only by God’s blessings and creation give them what life has stolen away.  Rest, peace, beauty and romance, but if only for their short stay.  Only if for a romantic weekend getaway, they connect and rekindle love.


enjoy! Deb