Spring Love Blooms

green sprig of leaves in the foreground with a bride in a white gown in the backgroundGrace dawns yet another day-the earth wakes….

Birds flutter, cats scurry to bowls of treats, rooster sounds the alarm.

Bare trees fill with green growth as Spring births forth.

Honey scent of blossoms fill breeze of day, purple buds break forth on trees of fruit. Spring, a season to birth forth new and lovely things.

wedding rings, elopements

Wedding rings

Love’s first kiss, sparkling rock he places on hand, days of planning to say, “I Do”.

Giddy, happy, tears of emotion run down cheeks of true loves face. Tender looks as words are spoken. Softly placed kiss to seal vows.  Cake on the nose, toast of bubbles tickle the tongue.

Mr. & Mrs. full of love as Spring births forth.

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enjoy! deb