Mornings at the Bed & Breakfast

Fresh Green basilMy morning starts with coffee in hand, out to the garden with cats under foot purring for food, tossing teats to the goldfish and offering seeds of black to the birds.

Guest are most likely still in dream land in their warm beds, or possibly those early risers are enjoying a first cup on their porch. Where they too can watch flitter of wings, deer grazing in meadow grasses and morning sun gives a warm hello.

Next, I am off to the kitchen, to start my morning preparations to create a gourmet breakfast that hopefully will receive the “oh wow”, once placed on table before them.

I have combed through recipe after recipe looking for not only a tasty dish, but one that will delight the eyes and offer the taste buds a treat to enjoy.

fresh eggs Trying my best to prepare a wholesome, fresh breakfast. Eggs are gathered from farm yard nest, yolks of vibrant golden yellow are cracked open in dish. Fresh fruits and herbs and tasty cheeses go into the makings.

Once all baked and laid with care on warmed plates, Mr. Don, delivers guest a delightful gourmet treat with juice and a smile.

wedding cake

petite wedding cake

My day has started well, and will continue as packages are prepared and wedding plans are laid for this another day of taking care of my guest.

enjoy! deb