Go on a Romantic getaway and enjoy our Do Not Disturb Package

I love offering packages for our guest.  They make a great addition to a romantic getaway and to be honest many times guest come and just don’t want to go back into town.  So we offer several food packages that we can do pretty quickly.

fruit and cheese tray for guest to add on as a packageOne of the most popular is our, “Do Not Disturb” package.  We had a Facebook contest back several years ago to name this package.  I must say, it was hard to choose, we had some very clever names given to us, but we thought this was really appropriate.

Most guest get this if they are here for their elopement weekend, on a honeymoon or just on a getaway for a little something special to add on.

Our package has fruit and cheese, crackers and of course Chocolate Covered Strawberries.  We add in a bottle of Texas wine and 2 wine glasses for you to keep.

We ask our guest to please request these before arrival, but we try to keep extras on hand just in case that last minute request comes in for it.  

We hope that you will consider adding this package when you come to stay with us or one of the others like a Yummy Meat Platter or even a relaxing massage.  You can just add it on when you make the reservation online, or if you prefer to book by phone, we can add it for you.