Homemade Goat milk Cheese

We have some friends that raise the sweetest little goats.  They take such great care of them and feed them only the best to produce lots of good fresh milk.  Most of the milk is consumed making the most beautiful soaps that are so great for your skin and her colors and fragrances are just amazing.

So, I talked them into letting me get some of that wonderful milk to try my hand at making some Goat cheese.  I have pinned so many recipes for making all kinds of cheese, so I felt this one would be a good first start and it seemed to be pretty easy to do.  Well, I had to really constrain myself to not drink all the yummy milk before I started on the process of making cheese.  I am telling you, for real, this is the best tasting milk ever.

goat milk, making goat cheeseSo, it was a fun process and super easy to do.  So here we go.  

Goat Milk Cheese

You will need: 1 qt fresh goat milk ( if you don’t have access, you can use the store bought, but it is not near as good as fresh.)

juice of 2 lemons; 1 oz of vinegar; 1/2 tsp of salt

Take a colander and line it with several layers of the fine cheesecloth.  In a heavy pan, heat the milk to 180 degrees, stir it pretty often, so it doesn’t stick on the bottom.  Now, remove from the heat: add the lemon juice, and stir till combined.  Add the vinegar, stir till combined and now let it sit for about 10 minutes.  Next, slowly pour it into the cheesecloth. Add the salt and stir just a little. ( you can also add herbs at this point if you like also).   Gather up the cheesecloth ends and tie with a string, and hang it from the kitchen faucet.  Allow, it to drip for about 1 hour.  When set, place in a bowl and refrigerate.  Then enjoy with your favorite fruits and and cracker. So here it is, I hope you will try making some.   enjoy! Deb

goat milk cheese, fresh made goat cheese