Bacon! Oh Yah! Bacon

Bacon cooked rightI don’t think you can go wrong with bacon.  I love to smell it cooking as it makes the smell of “welcome to my kitchen”.  I read where a lady puts bacon on to cook when she knows she has guest coming over, she may not eat the bacon, but likes the house to smell warm and inviting to guest. 

If I cook it, I eat it.  I will clarify that I only buy the best, no antibiotic, no junk feed and no msg and the taste is amazing.  Yes, it is a little more expensive, but the health benefits and taste are the best.  

So, in order to cook bacon with out all the added clean up, the best way I have found is in the oven baked.  I line a pan with parchment or foil, use foil if you want to just fold all the grease up and throw in the trash.  You can either place the bacon directly on the parchment or put a cookie cooling rake over the parchment and lay the bacon on that so the grease drips to the bottom.  I personally prefer for the bacon to cook in it’s on fat, makes it crispy.  Bake it at 375* for about 15 minutes.  Watch it, as each oven is different,  sometimes if the bacon is extra thick cut, I flip it over about half way through and cook both sides.  Bacon for breakfast, you bet, the flavor goes with everything and the taste just says breakfast.  

So happy baking!

enjoy! Deb