Winter Wonders

Well Winter is here, the excitement of Christmas has passed and we wait for the freshness of Spring.  Winter is not my favorite season of the year, simply because I love hot weather and gardening.  So as I sit writing this and looking out my window, I am reminded that every season is important and has it’s own beauty.

birds, feeding, winter bluesI added a new bird feeder right out side my office window, and rarely an hour goes by that an amazing amount of birds are frolicking on the table of seeds provided.  It is fun to watch how many different varieties can feast at the same spot at one time. Of course the grand male Cardinal in all his red coated glory surely stands out among them all.

I am not a bird watcher per say, but I have learned the names of most that grace my yard in the winter and summer.  The tiny little Tanager is cute and has a great color coat with reds and yellow on his chest and of course the little Titmouse push their way through to get their share of the feast. 

The sky seems bluer in the winter and the stars seem to twinkle a little brighter in the winter sky. 

So if you live in the city and never get to see these amazing gifts we have been given in the country, we invite you to come and relax in a cozy cottage and enjoy all our country life has to offer in this winter season. 

enjoy! Deb