It’s All About the Breakfast

Fluffy Baked BiscuitsBed & Breakfast as the name implies should be all about the bed & breakfast.  We have really good beds here at the b&b, however we realize that a bed is a very personal thing and each guest has a different need, so I cannot really control how well they like the bed.

I can however, create an amazing breakfast that looks, smells and taste amazing.  It is funny, as I did not start out as a cook, growing up, I was a farm girl and spent many hours outside doing things with my dad, so the kitchen was not my space.  When we decided to open the b&b, (which will be 20 years this May), I realized I needed to learn how to prepare really good breakfast for our guest.  I have taken numerous cooking classes over the years and learned all about perfect scrambles eggs from Julia Childs (of course via video), I wish in person.  I have traveled to Austin and had a personal chef spend the whole day with me on things I wanted to learn about.  And then there were the trips to another b&b that use to teach great cooking classes.  

From there, it has been a learning experience, I am not really the type that follows a recipe to the “T”, but cook mostly by taste, smell and sight.  From that, I think I have created some really great dishes for my guest to enjoy. 

gourmet breakfast, breakfast in bed, bed and breakfastI have to say, I know I cannot please everyone here also.  Some folks are really picky and some folks just don’t like to eat breakfast, ( wish they would let me know ahead of time). So when a plate comes back that has not been licked clean, I get a little sad to think they didn’t like what I have lovingly prepared for them.  But, I can’t help that, now can I?  But I have to brag, that most plates come back pretty clean. 

If you love a great gourmet breakfast, one that is delivered to your cottage each morning, so you can stay in your pj’s, then you need to come stay with us.  Oh, and the coffee is in your room with fresh cream so you can start that morning ritual as early as you like.  And, just a side note, we have lots more to offer here than just a bed & breakfast. 

enjoy! Deb