Planning a Perfect Intimate Wedding

So, you are engaged and now you want to start making plans for the perfect wedding day that all girls dream of. You have a beautiful ring and now to find that dress that will make you look stunning.  That’s the easy part!  wedding rings, wedding day

Now onto thinking about where to hold this wedding and when and time and how many guest and what do we serve and on and on and on.   Wait! Hold on, why not make this into an Intimate wedding and relieve the stress of planning and actually enjoy the day you have dreamed of all your life? 

So what is an Intimate wedding?  We here at Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast consider our intimate weddings to be 30 guest or less.  Over the years we have come to learn, after holding hundreds of weddings, that that number is the magic number.  First off, it helps you to keep down the guest list, so it is easy to only look at closest family and friends that you want to share that day with.  The ease of finding a small venue is much more realistic and so much more affordable.   I always tell my Brides’, they can use me as their excuse to only invite 30 guests.   The 30 number is also an easy number of people to seat, move through food lines and a lot less Uncles to have to dance with!

At most Intimate weddings, the flowers are scaled way down, the music is more intimate and everyone seems to have a better experience, mostly the Bride & Groom. And the money you save can be spent on a longer honeymoon or put towards things you really need.

The trend to have a reception at some point after the wedding is always popular, where you have everyone you would like to party with.  Some wait for several months or it may be the next weekend.

Look for venues that offer most of what you need for the wedding, so you are not having to go to rentals and places to find all the stuff, have it delivered and worry about getting it all back.  We do a full in house wedding here and it seems to be what Bride’s love about us is, they just show up with a handsome Groom and we do the rest. It is wedding planning time, so please visit our Wedding Page to see what we have to offer in way of packages for your Perfect Wedding. 

enjoy! Deb