Simple “9” Things For Your Elopement Checklist

couple kissing at their elopementEloping can be such a simple, yet perfect way to marry the love of your life.  Many couples are backing away from large expensive weddings and scaling down to small Intimate weddings of less guest or just the 2 of them.  We have been hosting these small weddings here at Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast for years and we do our best to make it simple for you.  I have compiled an easy 9 Items Check List for you to create a wonderful wedding.

Elopement and Intimate Wedding Check List

  1. Rings,Choosing and purchasing the rings
  2. Vows, we have our special vows that we use, but you are able to add to them with your very special thoughts to each other.
  3. Photographer, this is really important, as you will only have photos to remember the rest of your life.  We include them in our package, or have professionals listed on our website that are amazing.
  4. Hair & Make-Up, you may be one that only wants to do your own or you may like to doll it up a little more for that day.  We have a very talented lady that comes to your cottage and does hair and makeup for you.
  5. Outfit.  This is so much fun for me, I love seeing all the ways that Brides’ like to dress for their special day.  We have had blue jeans and boots, full train dresses, Celtic, and even Steam Punk.  It is so fun to see each with there own style. 
  6. Location, choosing the location for your wedding is important, you have many options here on our property for you to select.  We have our amazing Moon Gate, the Koi Pond, the woods just to name a few.  You get to select what fits you best.
  7. Flowers, we do the bouquet for you or you may order from the local florist and we can pick it up for you.  I stay with simple white seasonal flowers then add herbs and leaves from my garden to create a simple bouquet.
  8. Officiant, Mr. Don is a Chaplain and loves doing the ceremonies.  He puts so much passion into the vows and wants you to do the same in repeating the words to each other. Or, you can bring your own minister.
  9. Party with the family.  If you are truly eloping, just the two of you, then plan a nice party after when you get back home or even a few months after.  If you have guest at the wedding, then simple cake and punch is what we offer to your guest to keep it simple and focused on you.   We would love to host your wedding here at Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast.  Visit our package page to see what we offer for your special day.    enjoy! Deb