Escape Hand in Hand to Elope

Why are so many couples choosing to elope? There are lots of great reasons and all of them are good.  Many couples don’t want the large expense that they will have to pay off or have their parents pay for.  Many couples say, “they don’t want the drama of a large wedding.”  That one we hear all the time.  Brides are wanting to enjoy their wedding and not turn into a Bridezilla on their wedding day.

There are fewer details to have to stress over if you are doing an elopement, even if you do have a few guest join you for the ceremony.  It usually makes it easier to invite just a few close family or friends.

As far as the rest of the family and friends, you can have a party or picnic after the wedding.  Many couples choose to elope, go on a nice honeymoon and then celebrate with the family at a later date, even months later.

So maybe you should consider escaping hand in hand to exchange your elopement vows and have a very memorable time doing it.  Don’t feel guilty doing it, this is about you and your spouse to be.  We hear all the time about what a great decision it was to come to Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast and elope for a small intimate wedding ceremony.

We would love to visit with you about your dream for the Perfect Elopement.  We offer a great package and all inclusive with the cottage for 2 nights, you are going to be spending less than $1,000.

Visit our package page for all our details, then email or call us, we love to talk with Brides to see how we can make your day the “Best Day Ever.”

enjoy!  Debrotation-elope-2