Meet Mr. Don Your Elopement Chaplain

Chaplain Don, holding the wedding vows during a ceremony.I wanted to introduce to you Don, my husband, who is the Chaplain that does our wedding ceremonies here at Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast.  We have worked for years creating the perfect ceremony and the Vows that we have written are very special and heart felt. 

Don is a very carrying man, when he preforms a ceremony, he puts his heart and soul into it.  We take each marriage very serious and feel that we have a part in each couples life.  Some our of ceremonies are very serious but most are very light hearted. We often laugh and cry with couples during the ceremony.  Oh, we could write a book about it for sure.  

Don was raised here in Brownwood, went to the Navy then returned home to start building his home and Blacksmith shop.  Of course, he met the dream of his life, (me) and together we started a home, a family and great life together.  We have been married 40 years and put all our love and labor into the beautiful property that is now Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast. 

When you arrive as a guest, Don will be the first person you meet and know that he is truly happy to meet you.  He will deliver your breakfast to you and be happy to tell you about our great community of Brownwood and all we have to do here. 

enjoy!  Deb

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  1. Good morning…I would like to know if you can send me some of your wedding pictures …

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