The Real Bottom Line About Elopements

couple exchanging rings at an elopementI still have people question me about elopements.  Really they ask, people really elope?  Well, yes they do.  It’s not like in the “Old Days”, it’s a very popular way to get married these days.

Small weddings and elopements are not for everyone, but neither are big weddings.  You shouldn’t feel pressured to have a big wedding if it isn’t your personality. With an elopement, you can have all the personal touches and things that really make your day unique and all about you two. You can have such a personal and amazing wedding by eloping and not just your traditional walk down the isle. 

You can choose to dress how you want, from Texas cowboy to Celtic to Steam Punk and you don’t have to worry about what Aunt B will say about you.  Remember the larger the wedding the more you get criticized for something.

You have so many more options of choosing an amazing location and you don’t have to worry about a huge venue to have enough space for a large amount of guests.  

The cost of an elopement is so much less than any traditional wedding.  So you have the money to do an amazing honeymoon or make a payment on that first house even. You don’t have to worry about bridesmaids and all the gifts to buy for everyone.  No worries on housing everyone and oh, the catering cost can be way over the top.  And then what do you feed them? 

Elopements take so little time to plan and prepare for.  So if you are thinking about getting married soon, then consider an Elopement.  We offer an amazing package here at Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast and we do everything in house, so all the stress is off you.  Give us a call 325-646-4128 and let’s talk eloping. 

enjoy!  Deb