10 Reasons to Book Your Romantic Texas Getaway

White tray piled with chocolate covered strawberries, cheeses salami, crackers, and citrus fruitWanting to plan a romantic getaway?  We love having couples come to Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast for their getaways.  We feel it is important for couples to have time together, so our cottages with private hot tubs and lots of privacy are the perfect location for this.

Plan your trip and let us help you make it special.  

  1. Timing is important.  Do you have a special date or anniversary coming up that would be a good time for the trip?  What about surprise getaway on the date that you first went out, had your first kiss or even were proposed to?  Skip the romance focused holidays and make it your own special time together. 
  2. Plan your time thinking of all 5 senses.  What food makes you happy, what smell is a favorite, what music is special to you both, does the sight of a good bottle of wine make you happy?  Think about the special things that brought you together and that you enjoy sharing but maybe don’t do it very often.
  3. Get a little fancy if you need to.  Splurge on that expensive bottle of champagne, request flowers in the room or a special scented candle burning or how about a relaxing spa?
  4. It is always best to book direct with us and not through an online booking agent.  You do not save money with them, and you will not get the personal service that you will get coming direct with us.
  5. If this is going to a surprise trip, then you need to pack for what ever special things you will be doing.  Eating out at a nice restaurant, you will probably want to dress up a little, so think those special moments through.
  6. After booking your stay with us, then get a hold of me, so that we can talk about what will make this a very special time for you both, let me make recommendations and even reservations for you. I know what and where to send you to.
  7. Free time.  Don’t over schedule your stay with tons of activities. We have guest that so enjoy just sitting on their porch and sharing a glass of wine and just talking.  Remember, there are no TV’s in the room, and there is a reason for that.  Quality time!
  8. Phones down.  Silence that phone and tell loved ones, that you will not be available, but will check you phone for a message a few times a day or just turn it off completely. 
  9. Memories,  we have great places on our property to do photos, make memories and take fun and memorable pictures together.  I will be happy to snap a few on your phone for you too. 
  10. It is very important to spend quality time together, so plan all these things out and just come and enjoy each other, add one of our special packages to your stay and make it even more romantic.