The Wedding Ring History

We do many weddings here at Star of Texas Bed & Breakfast and we have seen all types and styles of wedding rings.  I got curious about wedding rings, so I did a little research and wanted to share my findings with you. hands touching with wedding rings showing

The wedding ring origin is pretty cool. The tradition of exchanging rings started back about 3,000 years ago, but the first diamond ring was in 1417, when a widow left the ring in her will.  So why are rings so special and why are diamonds the ultimate choice of rings and the symbol of romantic love? 

There is so much history dating back to the Egyptian, Greek and Romans.  They first represented eternity and round because a circle has no beginning and no end, they symbolized the shape of the sun and the moon, which these cultures worshiped. 

When Alexander the Great had conquered the Egyptians, the Greeks then started the tradition of giving rings to represent devotion to their lover. Many early rings were made of iron and copper and had many emblems on them representing many things.  The wife may have had a ring with a key emblem showing she had control of the house. 

The gold ring started with the Romans and their inscriptions meant, “beauty’s ring.”  I really like that one.  In the 3rd & 4th centuries, the gold ring became more popular and many different stones were placed in the center. 

The gold ring was a symbol between the two families as a token that showed a man’s promise to his wife and her family was, “as good as gold.”  I always wondered where they phrase came from. 

Wedding rings have evolved into individual preferences worn by both male and female, they show an outward token of their love for one another. 

Wedding rings through out history have been worn on different fingers, including the thumb. The Romans started the traditions ring finger on the left hand because there is thought to be a vein in that finger, called the “Vena Amoris” or “Vein of Love” that goes straight to the heart. 

Diamonds really took off, when the famous Marilyn Monroe did the song, “Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend.”

This gives us a little to think about when we are choosing that perfect wedding ring and also makes placing the ring on your love one of true commitment and promise. 

enjoy!  Deb