Bourbon Old Fashioned Glazed Pecans

Fresh shelled pecans ready for a recipe We have spent our winter nights shelling our fresh pecans from our trees.  It’s a time consuming job, but so worth it to have all those fresh pecans.  I use them a lot in baking, but today, I decided since it is wintery cold outside I would try a new flare on pecans.   Don loves Old Fashioned Bourbon drinks, so I think he will really love these tasty morsels when he taste them.  

I think these will be great to add to my mixed warmed fruits like peaches to top off French toast or waffles.  They will also be a tasty snack, so I know I will have to hide them from Don.  

These were super easy to make and didn’t take much time at all, so I hope you enjoy this and will make up a batch yourself.  

Bourbon Old Fashioned Glazed PecansBourbon Glazed Pecans

1/4 c bourbon whiskey mixed with 1/4 cup dried cherries and soak for 30 minutes

Combine 2 tablespoons brown sugar with 1 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper and 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper.  Mix all together and set aside.

In a pan, I always love cooking everything in cast iron and she is a well seasoned old gal, so  add 2 cups raw pecan halves, over a medium high heat stir them often until they are starting to brown and smell that wonderful toasted aroma.  

When they are toasted well, add in 2 Tablespoons butter and let it melt and completely coat the pecans.  Add in the bowl of spice mix and stir to combine.  Take off the heat and pour in the bourbon and cherries, it will sizzle like crazy, stir till it is all mixed together very well.  Return the pan to a medium heat and stir till the liquid thickens and a nice glaze forms on the pecans.   

Now transfer them to a parchment lined pan and spread out to cool down, once they are totally cool, then zest 1 tablespoon orange zest over them. Get ready to enjoy as they are so tasty.  

I hope you enjoy this recipe and can share with your friends.  

enjoy! Deb