Downtown Brownwood Is Hot!!!!

Our little downtown is HOT,  not so much with heat, but with lots of great activity and things for our guest to do.  The last 4 years, we have seen so many new business’s open up and it just keeps getting better.  wine glasses on table next to hot tub

Pioneer Tap House, just celebrated it’s 4th year in business.  That is a great accomplishment being that they had to hold on and totally regroup through the pandemic.  But Micah and his crew were tough, innovative and had lots of faith in the folks of our community to help them see it through.

They were not the only business to battle out that storm, but from all that, has come some amazing new places to eat, shop and enjoy some small town fun. Every weekend you have an opportunity to enjoy live music and eat great food and have drinks to cool down with. 

We hope that you will consider coming to Brownwood and checking out the amazing shops and restaurants in Downtown Brownwood. 

enjoy! Deb